Production Design

Working closely with our customers, we start developing production information with planning and a plan in mind. As we think through the construction plan and begin generating detailed engineering information, it is paramount that site standards are known and clearly communicated.

Because the detail engineering stage takes place at a fairly early stage in the ship's supply chain, clear and strict planning must be followed to ensure that the overall delivery of the ship is not compromised. The engineers at GAMAR TECHNIEK are used to working with this methodology, following the schedule and delivering the information on time.

The production experience of some of our employees helps us ensure that the construction strategy is in line with normal construction standards and that the production staff and detail engineering team members "speak" the same language regarding production procedures and standards.

The detail engineering team is also in contact with the CS surveyor. That way, the possible hick-ups the CS may find in the detail engineering design can be corrected before production, reducing costly and avoidable rework.