GAMAR Techniek is a top supplier of engineering, consultancy and naval architecture services to the research vessel, ferry, dredging, offshore, mega yacht and naval vessel sectors. The company has considerable experience in all categories of ship shapes, propulsion types and construction materials. GAMAR Techniek was born with a serious commitment to supporting the green transformation in shipbuilding through sustainable designs and smarter propulsion systems.


Seemlessly Engineering the Blue world: Innovating the maritime landscape

About us,

GAMAR TECHNIEK offers an end-to-end approach to customers and offers comprehensive portfolio of services, from the design of proposals, class approval, development of detailed technical information and technical support through consultancy services.

GAMAR TECHNIEK's field of activity extends from top to bottom within the possible activities of a company in the shipbuilding sector Our extensive network of contacts all over the world enables us to provide customers with unparalleled 24/7 coverage in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Founded in 2023 in Delft, the Netherlands, by seasoned shipbuilding industry professionals with over 25 years of experience in the field, the company is committed to providing high quality state-of-the-art designs that encompass a simple manufacturing methodology with practical solutions to reducing costs while guaranteeing quality and environmentally friendly solutions. Our autonomy as designers gives our clients the freedom to request the construction of their project where it suits them best. The company's services are as the following;

  • Ship Designing

  • Maritime and Marine Works

  • Diving and Salvaging

  • Port Infrastructures

  • Consultancy

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