Mechanical & Systems Engineering

As in the other engineering disciplines the mechanical systems engineering effectively approaches with a combination of experience, computer applications and good in-depth knowledge of the techniques involved. As a first step a layout of the main machinery spaces is created in accordance with what is described for machinery systems in the technical specification. To ensure that the fabrication of pipes and systems runs smoothly and within budget, our engineers always make sure that the rouƟng is done as simply as possible. Furthermore, it is of the utmost importance that all systems are well integrated and coordinated so that no collisions are found later on after manufacture and during assembly of the elements on board. This prevents expensive rework and ensures a seemingly trouble-free production process.

Ease of use of the mechanical systems afterwards is also considered an important factor. Advice on spare parts management is also available and will help to maintain the vessel's up-time later on. GAMAR TECHNOLOGY can also help integrate the vessel's systems into the onboard SCADA system, so that even the last valve on the vessel can be controlled from one of the touch screens in the wheelhouse.