person in black long sleeve shirt holding persons hand
person in black long sleeve shirt holding persons hand

Human capital

As we have already indicated for the development of our activity, the training, preparation and experience of our staff is paramount. We have put together a multidisciplinary team, made up of professional divers from medium and small depths, biologists and environ-mental engineers.

The professional diving team is qualified and experienced in underwater cutting and welding, hydraulic works, diving facilities and systems, repairs for floating and salvage of ships, underwater explosives, biological sampling as well as first aid. Also, they have specific and regulated training in measurement of thickness by ultrasound, welding with electrode in all positions as well as remote operated underwater vehicles. We also have skipper and sailor for our support boat.

So our entire human team is fundamental for us, providing the greatest value of our company and allowing us to face all projects that our clients can require, offering them always a successful solution, guaranteeing security and agility in all our works.

Facilities and equipment

Our operations center is located in a strategic enclaves of Rotterdam and the Northern Spain. In these facilities it is where we store all the necessary equipment to carry out the diverse underwater operations, we also have a breathable air charging station authorized by the relevant authorities, as well as an area for repairs and maintenance operations of our equipment. It is also base for our technical and administration office.

  • Underwater ultrasonic thickness measurement system. Remote Operated Vehicles R.O.V. (300 meters.)

  • Van equipped with streaming video, communication and gas panel systems.

  • Underwater lifting balloons.

  • Medium and low-pressure compressors.

  • Hydraulic power stations with hydraulic brushes of various sizes and materials.

  • Underwater thermal lance and welding equipment.

  • Radials, hammers, pistols and pneumatic and hydraulic drills.

  • Charging Station for compressed air bottles and shielded cabinet *.

  • Communication and surface supply masks through umbilicals.

  • Gas distribution and communication tables Closed TV circuit and UHD underwater cameras with lighting systems.

We certify the load of autonomous breathing air equipment, in strict compliance with the Instruction Technical Complementary ITC EP-05, "Bottles of Autonomous Respiratory Equipment" of the current regulation of Pressurized Apparatus R.D. 2060/2008. Lastly, it should be noted that GAMAR TECHNIEK has a rigid boat to support us in various works and services, also, through our collaborators, we have available to us a vessel specialized in maritime services, with crane and large capacity winch, being adapted for the underwater sector.

a very tall building with lots of windows
a very tall building with lots of windows

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